Sailing into New York Harbor for OpSail 1992 which would gather three-fourths of all the tall ships in the world, the largest assemblage of tall ships in a century.

Art, boating, history and politics have been lifelong fascinations—a mix not as disjointed as it may seem.

My college major was fine arts with a focus in photography, but that went by the wayside when life pushed me in a different direction. Four decades later, my interest in photography was rekindled with the approach of retirement, and I began building this website to organize the images I had. It wasn't long, however, before those other fascinations inserted themselves and broadened the site's character.

The joy of retirement is that one's curiosity is no longer confined by career demands. It's free to roam wherever it chooses as the postings on this site reflect. That means much of the content is the result of my passion for boating and the Chesapeake, but there is more.

I hope you'll join me on this adventure.

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