October 15, 2016

The definitive guide to the commerce of the Bay done in exuberant color.

Photograph by Jay Fleming

Mix a brilliant eye for colorful imagery with the boundless energy of youth and you have Jay Fleming’s stunning new book on how the the waters of Chesapeake Bay are worked and by whom. Who else would plunge into a pound net full of fish being hoisted into a boat to get a unique perspective!

Photograph by Burl Lewis

This amazing young talent works in the same genre as others like Robert de Gast and Marion Warren who have documented the lives of the Bay's watermen and seafood workers, but Jay celebrates it with exuberant color using an all embracing format.

Photograph by Jay Fleming

What I find even more special about the book is that for boaters like myself who do extensive cruising on the Bay and at times wonder what is all that stuff I'm dodging, Working the Water provides an illustrated guide to fyke netting, gill netting, haul seining, crab scraping, bank trapping, pound netting, crab potting, and purse seining.

Photograph by Jay Fleming

Working the Water can be purchased on Jay’s website which contains more his exceptional work.

Photograph of Jay Fleming from Chesapeake Bay Magazine on his website

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