February 12, 2018

Look a there. He made more than a capful.

Robert de Gast is one of the Chesapeake’s most accomplished and celebrated photographers, and the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum has more than 10,000 of his in its collection.

Robert de Gast

Eighty of these are being exhibited at the Museum through April 8, 2018, including one of my favorites which is below.

De Gast published a number of books featuring his photographs, including Western Wind, Eastern Shore: A Sailing Cruise around the Eastern Shore of Maryland, Delaware and Virginia.  That book inspired a sail of my own to this distant reach of the Shore which is documented in a separate log.

In connection with the exhibit, the Museum is publishing a beautifully done limited edition collection of his photographs, entitled Robert de Gast’s Chesapeake which is a must have book for those who love the Bay.

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